Check Out the Who and Why in the Video Below!

Why the Face? 

I'm sure some people are wondering just where this face of "Stranger" came from. Well, the story is quite interesting. While choosing a logo to represent a total stranger in a sense I was originally going to choose a half mask. Reason being that we hide our most identifying parts of ourselves while showing the bare minimum to the world. However, that came off to be too "Phantom of the Opera." So the creative process began.

Searching through dozens of my own pictures, I settled on one to do an outline of with not too much detail. I decided I would use this as a base because it would show me, but it's not showing who I am as my music does. Our faces and bodies tell you nothing of who we are, but only the human parts that carry forward and display the real person's thoughts, feelings, and emotions when we allow them to. There's so much more to us than what we see unless we allow ourselves to be vulnerable outside our shell of a body. 

Going into further detail, the trans symbol on the cheek was actually a bit of a funny story. While waiting to audition for America's Got Talent I was asked to have my face painted. I agreed and had her paint the trans flag on one side of my face. She asked me if I would like anything on the other side, so I decided to stick to the theme and get the trans symbol. Not long after another person recognized the symbol and we bonded for the rest of the time we were in the waiting rooms. After that I figured I would wear my truth upon my cheek. 

Even though I started with a totally different display in mind, I feel that this shows much more of who I am in a short, but pure sense than where I began. No more hiding, this is it, this is me. 

Don't quit your day dream.”