Aahhh! Real Monsters! Lyrics

I got, I got a monster
Layin' in my bed
And it's always plantin' thoughts
Here deep inside my head
It always seems to ask 
What it feels like to be dead
But as long as I keep writing man
I'll never know of death
They say that he's been working 
From a place inside my head
So I get a better grip 
And I take away his breath
Every time I take a pencil
And I spill his words in lead
Doctor's call him by depression
After running several tests
Only after I had beat him
They only see what's left
Now I'm not a violent guy
But my mind is not for rent
Not everything that knocks 
Is something you should let in
You're starting with a temple
Build an empire and sit
Upon the throne you craft
For the body that you're in
Start keeping better track of thoughts
That make you feel mislead
If you let them linger too long 
They'll take you to your end
While you're still taking breaths
They'll convince you that you're dead

Hook: 2x
They told us about monsters 
That hide under our beds
But no one ever mentions
That they're really in our heads
And they make up little lies
That leave us filled with dread
But no one will admit it
So they'll say it's you instead

Tip toeing through
They call this one anxiety 
When I was just seven 
He planted roots inside of me
I never got the help
So I'd run away instead
It would leave me there begging
To wake up deaf or dead
So I couldn't hear the echoes 
That were bouncing in my head
They told me I'm a monster
But my actions were misread
There always a monster though
He's here inside my head
But no one else could see him 
So they came at me instead!
This one was so clever
He could come at day or night
I was the only one
That could keep him in my sights
Then would be the time for me to choose
To fight or take a flight
But tell me how do I 
Fight a monster that's inside?!
One that's hiding in the trenches of
All those blurry lines
When thoughts are flying by
Like was that his or was that mine?
So I put us both on paper
Every time I write these rhymes
Now he knows that I'm not playing
And I came to claim what's mine

Hook: 2x 
They told us about monsters  
That hide under our beds 
But no one ever mentions 
That they're really in our heads 
And they make up little lies 
That leave us filled with dread 
But no one will admit it 
So they'll say it's you instead

Now these monsters really helped me
They made me dive inside of me
To parts that were too scary
To risk all of my sanity
To get past all the vanity
To find the strength I couldn't see
Now here I stand a better me
Through pain I found my calling
To make the world keep dreaming
And make that dream reality 
If at first you don't succeed 
Then you've got to keep on trying
There's no such thing as failing
If every time you learn something
Take notes into the lab
And stay up late to build on it
Keep paper and a pencil
'Cause you never know when it'll hit
Every loss can be a win
But you'll never win if you miss it
Be grateful for the struggle 
'Cause it made you who you are today
If you're not who you want to be then
Don't hold off, make the change

Lyrics Written and Performed by: Shane T. Wheeler 
Composition by: Dansonn 
Recorded at: ProToad Audio 
Co-Produced by: Lou Kestella and Shane T. Wheeler 
Engineered by: Lou Kestella
Video by: Bobby Leonard