There Are No True Strangers.

    From a young age, Stranger has been fascinated by human behavior and interaction. He began writing and drawing between the ages of 6 and 8 to try to convey his thoughts that he couldn't express in casual conversation. Thoughts expressing how none of us are truly 'strangers' because we all have so much in common, even before we know about it. We all know each other's pain and joy and have had very many similar experiences in various forms. Stranger believes that once we realize this about everyone around us, particularly the ones we prejudge, the world will be one step closer to peace. Through years of persistence he now feels he has found his calling through music to make the whole world stop and listen. Stranger's overall goal is to spark a change in people, then the world, one broken soul at a time.

If you don't have high expectations, how do you expect to reach them?”

— Shane T. Wheeler

Long Story Short

If you took the One from #TwentyOnePilots and doused him in #Logic, then lightly dusted him in the crazy of #SlimShady... You would get Stranger. A crazy caring rapper who once was a lady. #NF said.”

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Welcome to the Underdog Show!

Welcome to the Underdog Show!

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