Day Dream Lyrics

Waking up this morning
And most forget their dream
While others are so focused 
That they never went to sleep 
Some lay there in their bed 
And they're just counting sheep
While I'm counting breaths I take 
Until the moment I succeed
This is more than what you see
See, I work obsessively
Some would call me manic
But there's nothing like a peak
When you visualize a dream
And feel every single thing
Like it's falling at your feet
You don't need your eyes to see
That success will not come riding
On a burst of lucky streaks
See luck is not a factor
Need to change your thinking
'Cause everything you see
Is based on your thinking
You can only see the beauty
If you know it's there to see
So stick to your beliefs
That one day you'll achieve
Every single thing
They all said you couldn't be
Don't let your current vision
Show insecurity
But highlight all the beauty
Like you're living out your dream

Hook: 2x
Day dream, day dream
What do they say?
Day dream, day dream
Do it anyway
Day dream, day dream
Don't look away
Day dream, day dream
Show me the way

If all you see's a dream
That means you hold the key
And your life's about to change
Better hold onto your seat 
'Cause it's gonna pick up speed
If you don't keep it toward your dream
Then you'll lose track of your life
And fall to insecurities
They say prep a softer landing
I say pack a set of wings
So if your track would fall
You'll still make it to your dream
Not every path will end up there
But all are there to teach
A lesson to stay humble 
When you finally succeed
And remember where you were
And who you used to be
That made you take the path
To change the vision that we see
The one to change the world
And show off it's beauty
To the ones who look so close
Now they're blind to things unique
And to them the biggest threat
Is the word 'Diversity'
They've been stripped of everything 
To change reality
But if you work those parts
And get them to believe
Then one day we'll awaken 
And be living in the dream

Hook: 2x 
Day dream, day dream 
What do they say? 
Day dream, day dream 
Do it anyway 
Day dream, day dream 
Don't look away 
Day dream, day dream 
Show me the way

Spoken Part:
If you focus solely on what you know, 
You build a cage
If you focus on your dream, 
You'll build a whole new world
So remember, if plans A, B, and C don't work out..
There's 23 more letters in the alphabet.
If those don't work out..
There's other alphabets.
Get started.


Lyrics Written and Performed by: StrangerMusic    
Composition by: Dansonn    
Recorded at: ProToad Audio    
Co-Produced by: Lou Kestella and Shane T. Wheeler    
Engineered by: Lou Kestella

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