Fulie-Tabu Lyrics

If beauty is skin deep
Then how do they view me?
I've got scars on scars
That all match my heart
With weights on my chest
And I'm missing parts
But keep on going 
You're not too far
I broke my wall
So it's not too hard
Get past the parts
That took it all 
But take it slow 
So you won't fall
Just talk to me
Turn a blind eye
Quiet your thoughts
And open your mind
You'll catch a glimpse 
Of a me that shines
In a hidden place 
Inside my mind
Just waiting for someone to find
A rare beauty that I call mine
You can stay here
Where there's no time
And I don't judge
No need to hide
Just feel it out
Words won't define
The freedom you'll find 
In my mind
When you take a chance
Looking eye to eye
And all your fears are left behind
I'm not asking to be mine
Just open the door and come inside
My body's not who I am
But it stands to guard what's within
To distance those who cannot see
The inner part is true beauty
But that's a lot and I'm lonely
But I won't change
'Cause THIS is ME
So I'm stepping up to make you see
There's more to us 
And we're worthy
If you dare to step and take a peek
Your world will change
When you see ME

There's beauty in the truth
And that truth is in you
You're the light that's shining through
To lead them to...
To the place within their heart
That'll take them from the dark
See the cracks and pull them through
Seize true beauty at its roots

Hold to yourself and you'll be free
Vanquish all their scrutiny
They only know what they see
But there's more to you
Than their thinking
Beauty's for both you and me
Step to the role you're meant to be
You never know who's watching
Let confidence be what they see
Take it all in, then let it all out
Don't be afraid to live out loud
Don't dim your shine
With clouds of doubt
'Cause you tried it once
It didn't work out
They picked and picked
And kicked you around
But you got back up 
When they knocked you down
All eyes on you
But there's no sound 
When your élan grew 
And shook the ground
That's not to say 
There's no bad days
Or times that you just need your space
But you hold it all in
A full embrace
With love so strong that your heart aches
When they call you names straight to your face
You know that it's just pain displaced
Don't let it in, to waste your space
Just pull it out, let growth take place
There's so much more 
That you can do
To show the world, what's really you
Live your truth, in full view
And represent Fulie-tabu
Make them think 'What do they do?'
When your body fades right out of view
Along with thoughts all misconstrued
And there's nothing more, but
Them and you


There's beauty in the truth 
And that truth is in you 
You're the light that's shining through 
To lead them to... 
To the place within their heart 
That'll take them from the dark 
See the cracks and pull them through 
Seize true beauty at its roots 

Closing: 6x
Keep on dreaming with our eyes wide open
Looking through the cracks of a heart that's broken


Lyrics Written and Performed by: StrangerMusic  and Paisha Thomas  
Composition by: Dansonn    
Recorded at: ProToad Audio    
Co-Produced by: Lou Kestella and Shane T. Wheeler    
Engineered by: Lou Kestella

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