Let's Talk Lyrics 

Opening Hook: 
If I could ask a million questions 
That would leave me wanting more                                             I swear I'd let you do the talking                             
Maybe that's what talking's for

So many questions on my mind
Promise I won't waste your time
We could talk real
We could talk life
Talk on emotions we're Cancer signs
Talk about thoughts, stay up all night
Tell me your problems I'll sit and listen
Trying to figure out just what we're missin'
Wanna catch your vibe
We're vibin' high
Keepin' it real, alright no lie 
So many people want one good night
But I'm not one about that life
If we're gonna talk let's do this right
Talkin' with you there's no bad mornings
Woke as it gets, but I'm day dreaming 
Hey now girl, you should know
Meeting you just gave me hope
To keep on pushin' when my brain said, 'Nope.'
Had a one way ticket to the end of the rope 
Head in the hole and it went down low
Then I cranked that song, 'Let U Go'
Turned it around and went beast mode
Not one to play, but that's alright
Wanna go out? No, not tonight
Only one shot to get this right
If I can't give back then what is life?
You took so little and you gave back more 
With thoughts so deep they shook my core 
To connect is what we do this for
But girl it's you that I adore
My word is something I'm known for 
If you give me the time 
I'll give you more

If I could ask a million questions 
(Promise I won't waste your time) 
It'd leave me wanting more 
I swear I'd let you do the talking 
(Talk about thoughts, stay up all night) 
Maybe that's what talking's for 

We don't need a pass to open up
Don't need a drink to talk about love
I know the artist, but who's inside?
I saw her there behind your eyes
I wanna know what's on her mind
Emotional support I will provide
You don't have to let her hide
I'll step up, let's coincide
Look at me, eye to eye
Let it all out, you can cry
When it's too much
We'll change it up
But keeping it raw you don't have to be tough
I'll out live all your darkest clouds
When your mind takes you, I'll pull you out
When you feel you're stuck in a burning house 
Consumed by thoughts of all your doubts
I don't judge, rather work it out
Do all that I can to make you proud
Attention is what I have to give 
With loyal support as incentive
I promise you there's no plot twist
No other one's I don't keep list
Heart so real that it rarely exist
If you give me a chance, I'll give you  this

If I could ask a million questions  
(Promise I won't waste your time)  
It'd leave me wanting more  
I swear I'd let you do the talking  
(Talk about thoughts, stay up all night)  
Maybe that's what talking's for  


Artist: Stranger
Composed by: Daniel Gong (Dansonn)
Verses Written by: Stranger
Hook Harmonies Performed by: Lou Kestella 
Co-Produced by: Lou Kestella & Shane T. Wheeler 
Recorded and Engineered by: ProToad Audio