1. Light Minded

From the recording Minor Transformations

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Light Minded

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Artist: Stranger
Composed by: Feelo Records 
Verses Written by: Stranger
Hook Written by: Stranger
Hook Performed by: Lou Kestella 
Co-Produced by: Lou Kestella & Shane T. Wheeler 
Recorded and Engineered by: ProToad Audio


Verse: 1
I'm waking up this morning
Not believing what I see
There's Nazi's in our streets
People say they're free to speak
But notice that these people
Aren't the ones that they want dead
These words might not be rascist
But let their actions speak instead
'There's hate on many sides'
Is the beard they hide behind
So that they can justify
All the hate they try to hide
But they don't realize
That the rest of us aren't blind
It took three days to condemn it
But we're tired of your lies
'Let's make our country great!'
Trump, I think the word is hate
You think that we should join
'Cause you think we look alike
But take away the body
Let's see what's left inside
You hold hate and bitter anger
While I seek out to be wise
We are not the same
And since I don't line up with you
You'll post a Twitter rant of shame
And hashtag it fake news
But you don't know what's true
Or what leaders really do
So just Tweet your resignation
We'll be better without you

Darkness is upon us
And it's calling us to fight
But if we choose to love instead
Then we will spread our light

Verse: 2
Our country needs some water
'Cause I think we're getting parched
Pushing through the growing pain
And drinking all the kool-aid
Time to pull ourselves together
Gotta flush the system out
Rid ourselves of toxic ways
That's what the dream's about
We should try to keep the peace
But stay ready for the fight
If you want to change the world
Now is not the time to hide
Darkness cannot give
'Cause darkness can't be made
It's just a lack of light
I'm not talking black and white
The candle keeps on giving
Without lacking in it's light
So if you're not the candle
Then you chose the other side
But I will not hate you
You are wanting me to fight
But that's just a waste of time
There's other candles I could light
When the candles fight
They only lose their light
It's hard to judge their sides
'Cause now the unlit candles,
They start to look alike
And we're back to where we started
Is it day or is it night?

Hook: 3x
Darkness is upon us
And it's calling us to fight
But if we choose to love instead
Then we will spread our light